Finding the perfect eco-gift is no easy task — especially when we need something for our significant other, parents, teachers, co-workers and mentors on short notice. One gift that could appeal to all of the above might be Uncommon Goods’ Bike Chain Bowl ($84). Each bowl is handmade in Oregon by Graham Bergh, a biker and artisan that has been collecting thousands of pounds of used bike materials to revive them into various home accents. From bottle openers to clocks, Bergh’s crafts are the future of sustainability. Each Bike Chain Bowl is generally 10 inches in diameter, but ranges a bit in size due to variability in material. upcycled-bike-chain-bowl.png Although this gift happens to be on the pricier end of the shelf, this might be the perfect conversation piece to place near a home’s entryway or on the coffee table. The Bike Chain Bowl is beautifully crafted with an attractive design for individuals of all tastes. An accent like this is a sure eye-catcher and a great way to encourage upcycling efforts. It’s not every day you find such an intriguing upcycling piece like this one. Plus, knowing this item did not have to be tossed into another landfill should be another reason to justify this eco-friendly purchase. Gift-buying season is coming to a close, so buy yours today!