This same time last year, I made a resolution to take small steps toward a sustainable lifestyle. From turning the facet off while I brush my teeth, to eliminating the small, unnecessary trips in the car, I made some small yet serious changes in my life in 2014. plastic-bag-recycling.jpgAs I think about my lifestyle habits and ways I can live up to becoming a greener citizen in 2015, I think about my weekly grocery trips. Every time I head to the Kroger down the street, I gather my carton of eggs, bags of vegetables and an assortment of other random packaged items. But, of course, I am completely unprepared for the most important item of all: reusable bags. I place my groceries in the plastic bags near the checkout and bring my purchases out to my car. From there, I drive home and bring everything inside. What do I do with the plastic remains? Sometimes, I keep them and use them as small trash bags for the bathroom or in the bedroom. However, I’m embarrassed to say that not all of the plastic bags even make it to that point, and are often thrown away shortly after entering my home. It is no secret plastic bags (or any item for that matter) is likely to wind up in a landfill. Therefore, if I cannot use a plastic bag to its full potential, then why am I using them at all? For this year’s green resolution, I am going to make a conscience effort to bring my own reusable bags to my weekly grocery shopping experience. If I do the math, I use an average of eight plastic bags each week. Multiplied by 52 weeks, I have used roughly 416 plastic bags over the past year! What may be a few extra steps for me can go a long way by saving some plastic bags at the store. Whether it’s Kroger, Target or the CVS down the street, I am no longer going to use those plastic bags, and started this quest on January 1, 2015. As I venture on another personal sustainability journey, perhaps this may spark an interest for you to set your own green goals. Find the flaws in your lifestyle habits and discover ways you can improve your impact on the environment. There’s still time in this New Year season, so aspire to make 2015 count!