Stacks of papersized.jpg It’s that time of year again, and RecycleMania is gearing up for another 8 weeks of friendly competition. As a top contender year after year, Cornell University is setting its sights high to beat school records. To reduce waste and come out on top, the university is pledging to pursue 3 major tasks: 1. Supporting the selling or donating of campus property. 2. Promoting the use of green printer settings and lessening paper use. 3. Offering incentives or discounts to students who use reusable mugs in any campus dining location. In order to effectively and efficiently reuse the university’s surplus materials, Cornell established the System for Trade & Auction of Cornell Supplies (STACS). This program serves as an online public auction system for surplus materials no longer needed on campus. In addition, STACS can be used to relocate university-owned materials on campus for those with a valid faculty, staff or student ID. With STACS, Cornell has increased exchange of materials among the university community while providing accessibility to excess materials across campus. Cornell is also committed to working toward excellence in green printing, or more specifically, using recycled paper, low-VCO (Volatile Organic Chemical) and energy efficient equipment. The university proudly uses 100 percent recycled paper or post-consumer waste paper, up from 30 percent in previous years. While this paper is more expensive, Cornell makes up the cost with the paper it does not use. In addition, all printers are set to double-sided to conserve even more paper. Finally, Cornell is appealing to students’ love of coffee to cut down on the use of paper cups. For only $1, cafes on campus will refill any reusable mug, preventing one more paper or Styrofoam cup from ending up in a landfill. At Cornell, RecycleMania is more than just a contest – it’s a chance to make improvements for the future and promote a healthier, more sustainable