Cold hands.jpg These days, winter seems to be never-ending and growing colder as the season trudges along. From waiting at the bus stop to the outdoor sporting event, the first extremity to lose warmth time and time again are always the hands. Of course, an easy solution to this problem is buying disposable hand warmers, but why waste those packets again and again, when one can go the reusable route? To all the Etsy fans out there, a featured shop this week is jasminedoodles’ dabbling and doodling ecofriendly hand warmer sets. If the strawberry and chocolate donuts or sushi roll sets suit your fancy, this may be the perfect item for you! These fun reusable nuggets can bring feeling back into one’s chilled fingers or be used as a cooling agent for any headache or sore muscle. Each of these handmade warmers is about 4 inches in diameter and made from soft fleece, felt and filled with rice. They’re perfect to throw in the microwave for 25-35 seconds, and viola! They are good to go and you’re ready to head outside. However, jasminedoodles does caution that microwave heat settings vary from brand to brand, so be careful not to overheat your reusable hand warming set. If you have a specific design in mind, just email jasminedoodles to take on any custom design challenge. As an animator and illustrator, jasminedoodles gives into her crafty side by utilizing her trusty 1920s Singer sewing machine. But, if you’re feeling a little crafty yourself, all it takes is a little fleece or wool, felt and rice to make your own individual prize. And of course, the best part about this item is that you no longer have to waste your money on disposable hand warmers. Not only do the landfills thank you for this action but so do all the raw materials required to make this item over and over. Thinking green like this may require a few extra steps on our end, but in the long run it is a more effective and eco-friendly solution. To get your ecofriendly hand warmers today, check out jasminedoodles’ shop and the selection of other large heating pads and pillows. These items will ship anywhere in the United States and even internationally by request. All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse for these to be yours, so save a couple of bucks and make your eco-friendly investment today.