green printing.jpg Ohio State University is well known for its most recent big win in the NCAA football national championship. While the memory is fresh in students’ minds and evoking feelings of intense pride, OSU is looking for its next coup, with its sights set on the RecycleMania national competition. Back in the game, OSU is configuring its waste minimization efforts with sustainability in mind. To reduce the Buckeye footprint, OSU is committed to purchasing office equipment with electronic interfaces and double-sided capabilities, as well as sourcing and purchasing for durability and energy savings. Additionally, the university is promoting the use of printer settings and paper reduction software in line with green printing initiatives. These efforts may seem small, but such simple changes could bring big improvements in the long run. While most of these efforts are predominantly student-led, there is a strong effort to involve the wider campus community in promoting sustainability, such as with the creation of an office supply program. Many other universities have internal systems that allow departments or buildings to exchange materials that are no longer needed. Now, OSU will join their ranks. Instead of unwanted materials heading to a landfill, items can be reused internally and given another life. Finally, OSU will continue with its exceptional recycling efforts, such as Green Buckeye Certification and Zero Waste, at Ohio Stadium. Initiatives like these are what make sustainability an interesting yet never-ending challenge. As Ohio State, shoots for the gold in the RecycleMania competition division, other universities better be on the lookout for these undisputed champs.