recycling bins.jpg With RecycleMania in full swing, college campuses nationwide are showing everyone how simple and effective it can be to commit to recycling. The University of Toledo (UT), for example, in an attempt to best hundreds of other universities, is starting with the recycling basics. Walking around main campus, students will find various waste stations to properly handle most waste and recycling needs. Nearly every station features five bins labeled for mixed paper, newspapers and magazines, metal cans, plastics and landfill. While UT is looking to downsize the landfill bin during the 8-week competition, it also hopes to provide consistent recycling areas for students to dispose of trash and cut down on littering. In addition, to these bins, UT offers recycling for uncommon items like books, electronics, cardboard and various metals, as well as safe document disposal. Students are instructed to use the regular recycling bins for normal use and can call Rocket Recycling, the university-supported recycler, for further assistance with special items. UT hopes to target the majority of its commuter students and on-campus residents with these programs. Even after the RecycleMania competition is said and done, UT plans to continue its recycling work. At the end of every academic year, UT hosts “Give and Go Move Out,” which is designed to help residents and others moving gather the items they no longer want or need, such as toiletries and nonperishable food, and donate them to the community to be reused. As RecycleMania begins, keep in mind this is one competition that continues on even after it technically ends. RecycleMania looks to improve recycling programs for colleges and universities throughout the country and press the importance of recycling upon younger generations. Be on the lookout for more features during the RecycleMania event.