With a population of nearly 125,000, Gainesville, FL, is home to the University of Florida (UF), the state’s oldest institute of higher education, as well as Shands Hospital at UF, and serves as north central Florida’s leader in education, medicine and cultural events. Gainesville has proved itself a leader in recycling, with Alachua County – where it’s located – boasting the highest rate of recycling in Florida for numerous years. The City’s commitment to municipal recycling, with comingled bins present in every City office, and its work with UF to decrease e-waste has solidified Gainesville as a role model for other municipalities.

Materials recycled


Newspapers/magazines/catalogs, telephone books/manuals/paperback books, paper bags/wrapping, packing & shredded paper, corrugated cardboard & pasteboard, office paper & junk mail, paperback books and clean pizza boxes (the City encourages you to donate the books first, if possible!).


Plastic bottles, jugs, jars & tubs (lids can now be recycled, as well), but please wash them before recycling.


Steel/tin cans (empty aerosol included), aluminum cans


Glass bottles and jars (labels are OK).


Gainesville residents have weekly curbside recycling, same day as garbage collection. Items to be recycled need to be out by 7 a.m., and recycling containers must be picked up by 9 p.m. The City requests residents to make sure recycling bins are at least four feet from garbage bins to prevent spillage and/or contamination.

Other programs

For commercial buildings, the City of Gainesville’s Office of Recycling offers help setting up a workplace recycling program to best comply with recycling ordinances. Businesses can visit this page for suggestions and tips. Residents who are curious as to what happens to their recyclables after they are picked up by the City can visit this site to find out. If Gainesville residents are unsure of what they can recycle, the City offers an A-to-Z guide to answer all of their questions. To prevent hazardous waste, such as electronics, from being thrown away, Gainesville provides collection information for residents to ensure their devices don’t end up harming the environment and/or go to waste. Furthermore, pick-ups can be scheduled online for convenience. This service will also collect white appliances, such as refrigerators.

More information

Visit the City of Gainesville Public Works website for more information.