Parkersburg, WV, (pop. 31,186) believes recycling is more than just a trendy thing to do – it’s a way of life. The City is inspiring more residents to recycle by making it as convenient for them as possible, and offering curbside pick-up and numerous drop-off locations. Additionally, Parkersburg encourages residents to come learn more about how their belongings are recycled by visiting the Material Recovery Facility or by requesting an expert to come speak to their group, organization or school classroom.

Materials recycled

  • Plastics: Plastic grocery bags (bagged), #5 plastics, #1 or #2 plastic bottles or jugs
  • Paper: Newspaper, shredded paper (bagged), magazines, office paper, books, junk mail, paperboard (like cereal boxes), corrugated cardboard (flattened, large staples removed)
  • Metal: Aluminum, steel and metal cans
  • Glass: Green, clear, and brown glass bottles and jars (no drinking glass, window glass or broken glass)


Parkersburg provides dual-stream recycling, asking residents to use one bin for paper, including corrugated cardboard, and another bin for glass, metal and plastic. Recycling is picked up on the same day as trash, and residents are asked to place their bins curbside.

Other programs

Residents can also place old electronic devices out on the curb on trash/recycling pick-up days, or they can take them to the recycling center at 100 24th St. weekdays before 12:30p.m. to be properly disposed of. Items such as furniture, refrigerators and other appliances can also be left for curbside pick-up. A City truck will come by for collection after trash and recycling has been picked up. For individuals who do not have curbside pick-up or don’t want to wait for the next scheduled pick-up, items can be recycled at one of Parkersburg’s drop-off boxes at Collection Center at 100 24th Street or at one of the drop-off trailers at Fire Station #3 at 13th and Liberty Streets in North Parkersburg or Fire Station #5 on Blizzard Drive in South Parkersburg.

More information

For more information about recycling in Parkersburg, WV, visit the Parkersburg Recycling website.