spring.jpg Springtime is upon us – a glorious season when green grass grows and the sun shines bright. It is also a time of year when people have sustainability and the Three R’s on their minds, what with Earth Day and spring cleaning all occurring. Therefore, it is an excellent time to get a little creative and come up with some cute spring-themed crafts, both for kids and adults! Check out these 10 awesome upcycled spring craft projects, where art meets eco-friendly.

Coffee filter butterfly craft

This adorable and simple butterfly is perfect for kids looking to decorate their windows with their winged friends. This project requires only standard coffee filters, watercolor paints and pipe cleaners (feel free to substitute this with a shoelace missing a mate or some other reusable item around the house). Spread the filters flat onto a covered surface and have children paint them however way they wish. Let the filters dry and then squish the middles together to form a butterfly shape. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the butterfly, curling the tops to look like antennas then voila! A new springtime friend! Check out the full tutorial – with photos – here.

Denim bunting banners

This project is perfect for teens, college students or anyone who wants to recycle their old jeans into a cute banner. Denim fans know that some pieces end up at the bottom of the closet, with a true fate of never being worn again. Luckily there are dozens of DIY denim projects out there – including this banner, which can be hung over a bed or mantle near you.

T-shirt turned shorts

Speaking of upcycling old clothes that you just can’t let go off, there are lots of upcycling projects out there for those sentimental t-shirts that you have. From quilts to purses, old shirts can be made into practically anything. One fun project is turning a t-shirt into some comfy shorts – perfect for the beach or a music festival. This craft does take a little bit of sewing know-how, but it’s not complicated. And besides, having basic sewing skills is important in this world – whether you believe it or not!

Plastic bottle flowers

With all of the empty plastic water bottles floating around, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be upcycled. One cute springtime craft using these common recycling bin finds are plastic bottle flowers. Children could do this activity but there should be adult supervision as the materials list does include scissors and floral wire. After a bit of cutting and painting, your family can display its DIY garden. Follow this step-by-step guide to turn a boring plastic bottle into a pretty flower perfect for inside or out.

Recycled bottle cap wind chime

Another fun project for the whole family featuring a common plastic item is the plastic bottle cap wind chime. Collect different types of caps throughout the house such as milk lids, water bottle tops or maple-syrup caps and then find a larger plastic container lid (think a cottage cheese or coffee can lid) to act as the top. Poke holes in the caps and string them together – maybe with cute plastic beads – and then attach the strands to the large lid. Check out this tutorial for inspiration and a how-to.

Soup can pencil or makeup brush holder

Tin cans sit in the back of our pantries, often for years. Whether deciding to recycle a soup can because you have to or because you just enjoyed delicious tomato bisque, avoid the bin and turn something simple into something pretty and practical. Take a well-cleaned tin can and gently sandpaper around the rim to remove any sharp edges left behind by the lid. This blogger used old buttons and glittery spray paint to decorate her soup can, but feel free to get creative and use paper, bottle caps or a simple coat of paint. Once dry, fill the can with your favorite items and display proudly.

Wine cork succulent planters

April showers bring May flowers – so why not green up your space with these adorable wine cork succulent planters? Save up some wine corks (easier done than said!) and then carve out a small hole with a paring knife. Fill the holes with soil and plant your mini-succulent clippings inside. For a fun way to display your craft attach a magnetic strip to the back of the corks before planting – the succulents can then hang on a fridge or metal doorway! Check out a step-by-step guide here.

Rainy day paper umbrellas

This cute craft, using cupcake liners and basic art supplies, is literally perfect for a rainy day. Children can paint the liners the way they want and while they are drying, draw rain drops on a piece of blue construction paper. When the cupcake liners are dry, fold in half and attach a pipe cleaner to act as the handle. This activity will not only keep the kiddos busy when the rain won’t go away, but it can also be used as an educational tool about weather. This tutorial offers full instructions – and photos – on how to create your own rainy day picture.

Milk carton bird feeder

You and your family may have noticed the happy twitter of birds returning for the summer. A great way to welcome these migratory friends back home is to make a simple milk carton bird feeder. All it takes is an empty half-gallon milk carton, a chopstick or other bamboo skewer, some decorations and of course bird seed! If you have children, invite them to make their own feeders by letting them decorate the milk cartons to their liking. Cut an opening for the seed, add the chopstick as a landing spot and then hang outside for all of your feathered friends. This blog has an awesome guide and other fun DIY kids’ crafts.

Coiled magazine and catalog coasters

Have a pile of outdated fashion magazines that are waiting for that next big arts and crafts project? These coasters are an excellent place to start. Not only are the coasters easy to make, but also they are an awesome addition to any artsy apartment. Use a friend’s favorite mag or catalog to make customized coasters for a housewarming gift certain to raise the bar. The project does contain some materials that need to be purchased, but they can be used for other neat projects in the future – think of it as an investment in your creativity.