Corks: They’re easy to accumulate and just as easy to throw out. But if saved and repurposed, corks can add a classy, cultured look to any area. They’ll give your whole house the wine connoisseur look. Corks are also surprisingly versatile. They can be glued to almost anything, they’re made of a pliable material that is easy to work with and they can be fashioned into almost any image. Below are some of the most creative ideas for upcycling corks. cork1.jpg

1. Cork Stamps

If you have a steady hand and some old corks, here’s a fun little project for some upcycled stamps. These were fashioned using a crafter’s knife. You can find the full tutorial at Upcycle That. cork2.jpg

2. Cork Planters

Also from Upcycle That, this is a clever idea for displaying small succulents. These corks were hallowed out with a screwdriver and paring knife. Magnets were hot glued to the back, making these easy to display. You can find the full project with photos here. cork3.jpg

3. Cork Wreath

Here’s a clever idea for an afternoon project. The scattered cork pattern gives the piece an artsy look, and the painted corks give it a nice splash of color. It was made with FolkArt Paint and glued together with hot glue. You can find the full tutorial at cork4.jpg

4. Cork Flower Vase

This cute piece combines a love for fine wine and nature. The vase in the picture above was made out of about 70 corks and was shaped around a glass vase. You can see the full project with photos at Design Improvised. cork5.jpg

5. Wine Cork Dresser

This project really shows the full versatility of corks. It’s a great theme for a home bar. The corks were attached with liquid nails (hot glue won’t stick too well). You can see the full details at Decorating Obsessed. cork6.jpg

6. Wine Cork Sculpture

The sky’s the limit with corks, as this project shows. If you can imagine it, you can make a cork sculpture of it. This cute animal sculpture would look great in a kid’s room or any other room with an animal theme. You can see the full project details with photos at The base was made out of wire and newspaper, so it’s not as intimidating as it looks to create. cork7.jpg

7. Cork Canapé Knives

This would look cute as a serving item at any classy dinner party serving wine. These were made by taking apart some small knives and adding on the cork as the handle. You can see the full tutorial at Yarni Gras. cork8.jpg

8. Wine Cork Dog Leash

Here’s a fun craft that gets your fury friend involved. This was made by adding washers and hooks to some corks for stringing them together. You can see the full project with photos at Olive Bites Blog. cork9.jpg

9. Cork Heart Wreath

Here’s a cute addition to any front door. This was featured at Happiness is Homemade and was put together with some corks and a hot glue gun. cork10.jpg

10. Cork Picture Frame

How cute would this look with a picture of you enjoying some wine with some friends? It was handmade with upcycled and hand cut wine corks. You can find it at etsy, made by LiteraryCork. cork11.jpg

11. Cork Key Chains

This would make a cute, small gift to someone, maybe as an added item in a gift basket or attached to a wrapped gift. The cute designs add to the fun. These were made by LucysLamppost over at etsy. cork12.jpg

12. Cork Magnets

Also from LucysLamppost at etsy, these cute magnets are a great idea for any fridge. They’d also look great in a home bar area. cork13.jpg

13. Cork Trivet

This would be a cute addition to any wine tasting party. It was made from 50 plus corks by rewinechic at etsy. Cork is the perfect material for protecting the table from hot dishes. cork14.jpg

14. Wire Cork Trivet

Here’s another trivet design made from old wine corks. It’s handmade and held together by wire. This would be a cute way to display planters, as in the picture. Otherwise, this would be another great addition to a dinner party. It was made by V3GG13 at etsy. cork15.jpg

15. Cork Letter Monogram

This is a cute way to use old corks that would look great in a home bar area or in the kitchen. These corks have been fixed together with industrial strength glue and attached to a wooden letterform. This one was made by CinnamonandSilver at etsy. cork16.jpg

16. Cork Planters

Here’s another design for cork planters. These would look great as part of a basic table display. You can find them at etsy, made by PattiesPassion. It’s a good option if you don’t have time to make your own, especially since they come with the plants. cork17.jpg

17. Cork Plant Markers

This idea is great for any wine and gardening enthusiast. These were made by BackporchHerbs at etsy. They come plain so you can write your own label, or you can order them customized. Like the listing says, they’d be great in the garden or as part of a table centerpiece. cork18.jpg

18. Cork Heart

Here’s another cute cork heart design. This one makes good use of red-tipped wine corks for the design. It was made by jamiebrophy17 at etsy. cork19.jpg

19. Cork Letter

This is a classy way to display used corks. The combined cork patterns make a classy, attractive design. This was made from recycled corks, of course, by AnchoredSoulCompany at etsy. cork20.jpg

20. Mirror Cork Frame

Here’s a creative use for old corks and a mirror. This basic, versatile design would look great hanging in any room. It was made by AnnMarieLarsonCRAFTS at etsy. cork21.jpg

21. Cork Birdhouse

This adorable birdhouse really shows the artistic potential with corks. The cut cork shingles are a wonderful touch. You can find it from KVKBcorked at etsy. cork22.jpg

22. Monogram Letters

Here’s another great incarnation of cork letters. This bar sign would look great over a home bar next to a wine display, though the letters can be customized. They were made by PaperCraneWishes at etsy. cork23.jpg

23. Cork Candleholder

This would make a great centerpiece at a wine tasting or dinner party. The beads and ribbon add a stylish touch. You can find it at etsy from CrazieLadyCraftique.