silverware.jpg Are you constantly opening the silverware drawer to find random pieces that don’t match? Or maybe you just received a matching set as a gift and it is time to toss those mismatched forks and spoons from college. But don’t aim for the recycling bin – turn those old utensils into something new and cool! There are literally dozens of different DIY projects out there specifically for silverware, from beautiful wall décor to a cool photo holder. Try out one of these great projects to upcycle those utensils into something incredible!

Stamped Spoon Cabinet Handle

Give your kitchen cabinets a shabby-chic look with the addition of spoon cabinet handles. Use a rubber mallet to flatten the head of the spoon – it will still have some ridges and bumps when you’re done, but that’s just fine. Next, bend the handle of the spoon with your hands in order to turn it into a handle shape. If you feel extra inspiration, stamp the spoons with labels (such as what’s inside its cupboard) or inspiratioaln messages. Then drill holes into the top and bottom of the spoons and screw them into your cabinets. Check out this blog for a full-tutorial.

Starburst Mirror

This cute project takes flatware to a new level – the dining room wall! Grab a round mirror from a craft store, a plate that’s slightly larger than the mirror and a collection of butter knives, forks and spoons. Use hot glue to attach the handles of the silverware to the mirror in a sun or star pattern of your choice. This blogger used a 7-inch mirror and 12 spoons, 12 knifes, and 8 forks to create her pretty focal point. Add beads for a fun embellishment! Hang in the dining area for a fun conversation piece and lots of oohs and aahs from guests.

Spoon and Pallet Hook Rack

Another simple and inexpensive project for those old spoons is a rustic-looking hook rack, perfect for keys, coats dog leashes or anything else that needs to be hung up. Similar to the cabinet handle project above, the idea is to flatten the spoon heads and bend the end. But instead of handles, you want to make effective hooks. Drill the spoons onto a piece of wood – try a repurposed pallet slat or piece of driftwood – in order to create your very own hook rack. This would look excellent in an entryway or kitchen and is a super versatile piece of décor. See the full tutorial for tips to make your own.

Fork Photo Holder Base

This project is a bit more time consuming but so worth it – who has ever seen a photo holder made out of old forks? The materials list includes forks, a wooden base from a craft store, beads, wire and a few tools that all work together to make a pretty photo or note holder. The idea is to run wire up the handle of the form to keep it in place. Then you can slide photos or notes into the fork’s grooves- simple! You can actually customize the project pretty easily depending on what you use for a base – just make sure you paint it the way you want to! Check out this step-by-step guide for full instructions and inspiration.

Vintage Silverware Wind Chime

An adorable addition to any yard or patio space, this project is easy to make and fun to look at. Gather some random metal utensils and use a pair of needle nose pliers to bend the silverware into both a hanger piece and chimes. Drill holes where you want in the pieces, then using thin wire or fishing line string the pieces together. Adding extra adornments, such as beads or plastic pearls, will class things up a bit. Remember to arrange your silverware so that it sounds lovely – spoons, for example, can be flattened or left concave to create your own silverware orchestra. Check out the full tutorial for more information.