frames.jpg If you’re anything like me, you have picture frames galore just sitting around not being used anymore. You may have also just grown tired of looking at the same piece of art in a frame and now want to change things up a bit. You also might just be an avid collector of vintage frames and not have much to put in them. Sure, you could print out your favorite Facebook profile picture of yourself, place it one of those frames and stare at it every day. But why, when there are so many other neat things you can do with an old frame. Here’s a list of seven things people around the Internet have done with old frames to give you a bit of inspiration.

1. Magnetic Scrabble Board

This is a great idea for those linguistic types who also have a knack for interior design. This article shows you how to make a custom board out of plywood and pretty much your own custom frame. But if you have a frame you already like, you could easily cut out a lot of these steps. You also can buy sets of magnetic scrabble tiles, but props to the author for re-using game pieces he already had!

2. Magnetic Makeup Holder

Although I don’t wear makeup myself, I am a huge fan of saving space and using space in unique ways. With this magnetic makeup holder, no more need to shuffle through drawers to find the makeup you want. Of course, I am no makeup expert (I don’t wear makeup), so this could be a terrible idea for some reason I cannot comprehend. Any readers can feel free to jump in and offer some insight as to why or why not!

3. Chalkboard

Chalkboards are one of my favorite things to have around. They help you remember little tasks you need to do or items you might need to pick up next time you’re out. They do all of this while saving on things like paper. They’re also great if you have company. People can write you little notes or warm and welcoming messages. My friends are best known for sneaking little messages on the chalkboard in my kitchen, or even organizing the magnetic alphabet on my fridge into words to brighten my day.

4. Towel Holder

A very interesting use for old frames I came across was as a towel holder. While I’ve seen plenty of similar wall art, what made this one unique was it could support bath towels. A lot of empty frames on a wall can be interesting, but I don’t know if they are a great use of space with nothing in them. When you can make them useful, for example, as a towel holder, then you have a game changer in my eyes.

5. 3D Art

In this post, a sort of decorative sandbox was constructed with the help of old frames. You can see six panels with different shells and sand being displayed. In a way, it’s an aquarium without all of the mess of filters and everything else that comes along with it. In the example, a window frame is used, but you could also build a very simple box on the back of a picture frame to get a similar effect.

6. Chess Board

Someone managed to transform an old picture frame into an interesting way to play chess! What’s great about games on the wall is they provide an entirely different venue for playing. It is still a 2-dimensional board, however, it has the appeal of an app on your phone. If this were chess in the traditional sense, you’d have to either sit down and finish an entire game, or find an open space to leave a whole board setup. With the chess board on the wall, you’re able to hang the board and you always have a space to leave a game in progress. Check out to understand why.

7. Plant Holder

Last but not least, I can’t advocate enough for finding unique ways to decorate with plants. There are millions of reasons having happy and healthy plants around can improve your life. Why not take something you aren’t going to use, and literally bring new life into it? Whether it is simply a tray you place a plant on, or a unique way to hang a plant on the wall. Whatever you decide, consider this as an option. Your old picture frames don’t need to end up in the trash. The seven things I showed here today are only a very tiny dent in the list of possible things you can do with your old frames. Some of the resources I looked into were Pinterest, and simply a google image search. One or both of these places may seem like a rabbit hole, but I promise you they can yield terrific results. The possibilities are endless. Even you can turn your old “junk” into something new.