trophy.jpg Do you have a bunch of dusty bowling or archery trophies in your closet that you just don’t know what to do with? Sure, we were proud when earning these awards, but eventually they stop adorning your home and end up in a dusty attic somewhere, never to be heard from again. But just like so many things in our world, trophies can be upcycled into something completely new and different. Don’t have trophies or cups of your own but like the idea of a DIY project involving them? Head to your local thrift shop and scourge the store for oldies but goodies in order to make some of the following fun projects.

Cupcake stands

This absolutely brilliant idea will have you kicking yourself for tossing those old cheerleading trophies out. Start by taking apart the trophies, separating the metal tops from the wood bases/columns. Spray paint the trophy toppers and wood columns. Then grab a couple of old pie pans and drill holes in the middle. These will make the trays while the trophy toppers will stand at the top acting as the holder. See the full tutorial here!

Bottle stoppers

The regular bottle stoppers you see in the store are so boring! Why not make your own out of cool trophy tops? You only need those and some tapered corks – along with a drill. Once again, you will need to take the trophy apart to begin. You can either leave the toppers as-is or spray paint a different fun color. Drill a small hole into the center of the corks and then gently screw it onto the trophy topper. It may be a good idea to adhere with super glue, just in case. For step-by-step instructions, click here.

Coat rack

This super-cool upcycle project is a bit more advanced, as you will need several drill bits, nuts and bolts and lots of other important tools. The idea is to the take the tops off of several different trophies and then attach them to a plank of wood so they stick out – enabling you to hang coats, umbrellas or any other number of things. Expert tip: try to find trophies featuring bowlers or baseball pitchers, as their elongated arms will make for better racks. Check out the full guide here.

Book ends

Everyone is always on the hunt for new and unique book ends, and trophies are a match made in heaven. Take trophies of different sizes and shapes and spray paint them in whichever color you would like. This blogger made her husband’s childhood hockey trophies into classic white stands, giving both of them satisfaction. Remember that tall trophies may not work as well here, but that whichever ones you use should have a heavy enough base to keep the books held up.

Kitchen utensil holder

Have a few tarnished cup-style trophies laying around? Add them to your shabby chic décor by using them to store kitchen utensils or other items in the home. Makeup brushes, art supplies and hair tools would all be adorable in a vintage cup or even champagne bucket. If you don’t like the look of tarnished metal, you can always paint them with metallic colors or matte – whichever you would like! While you probably do not need a tutorial to figure this one out, this page has some cute inspiration.