skateboards.jpg Skateboards have been hip for a while now, and it seems like ultimately most kids go through a phase where they can’t get enough of them. Extreme sports are fun and wild to watch – the athletes are truly original and always super cool. Whether you or someone you know is currently obsessed with skateboarding or the fad came and went in your home, there are lots of crazy ways to reuse old skateboards and their parts. Try one of these projects today and turn an old skateboard into something completely different.

DIY Skateboard Shelves

Any skateboarding fan would love to have a few shelves made out of old boards – and luckily, they’re super easy to construct! If you do not have enough extra skateboards around the garage, pick up some cheap ones at a sporting goods store or thrift shop. Gather some anchors, L-brackets and a few tools to hang the skateboards – you’ll want to place the anchors where the trucks of the skateboard will rest. Check out this blog for a guide with photos.

Skateboard Swing

This simple swing DIY will keep kids of all ages delighted for years to come. All it takes is a skateboard, strong rope and some drilling skill to put together a standing tree swing that will make riders feel like they are on hover boards. Make sure that you check the weight limit on the rope you buy and test a branch before the final install – children can be seriously hurt if these things are not taken care. This website has directions and photos, and make sure to read the comments for pro tips by others who gave the project a shot.

Skateboard Wall Lamp

You already have a bunch of shelves made out of skateboards, so take things to the next level by making a matching wall lamp! This project is a little more advanced as it will require the use of power tools, brackets and a fluorescent lamp – among other slightly dangerous items. If you are uncomfortable with these tools, it may be a good idea to work on the lamp with a friend. The idea is to hang the lamp behind the skate deck, hiding the fixture and allowing light to flow downward. See the full instructions here.

Skateboard Headboard

How cool would a skateboard headboard look in your kid’s room – or maybe even the guest room? This incredibly easy project costs pennies to make and will definitely up the cool factor of any home. Take two wooden planks and start attaching the skate decks (image side up) using a drill. Make sure that the wood is even as you continue to add more skateboards. Leave some space at the bottom to anchor the headboard to the wall or the bed you’re using. Check out an example here.

Skate Balance Board

Want to teach young children how to stay balanced and promote their large motor skills? Build a balance board out of a used skate deck and a few other items! This blogger built a balance board for her kids out of a blank skateboard deck and PVC pipe, adding skate deck tape to the top to mark the spot where feet should stay. Because the deck was blank, the blogger and her children were able to decorate it making for an extra-fun crafting experience. Small children will love the board they helped to create – prepare for perfectly balanced kids in no time!