halloweencrafts.jpg Halloween is almost here, meaning ghosts, bats and spiders seem to be everywhere you turn. Create your own crafts with recyclables you probably already have laying around! Try out one of the following recycled Halloween crafts with your family, instead of focusing on all of the candy.

Toilet Paper Roll Bat

This adorable craft is so easy to make we recommend creating a few to hang from ceilings or windows. Begin by folding the ends in on a toilet paper tube. Next, paint the tube black – this will be the body. While the paint dries, cut some bat wings out of black construction paper. Once the tube is dry, glue the wings on. On the other side, attach some googly eyes and you’ll be ready to fly! Check out more information on this craft here.

Pumpkin Apple Stamps

Pumpkins are a quintessential part of the Halloween season – why not use another fall staple to create them? Grab an apple or two and cut them in half vertically. Dip the fleshy sides into some orange tempera paint and stamp them onto white paper. Paint a little green stem at the top, then let dry. Once the pumpkins have dried, kids can draw Jack-o-Lantern faces on with a black marker. Display the pictures proudly while giggling at how your kids’ personalities shine through!

Styrofoam Cup Spiders

We all know that Styrofoam is tough on the environment, but it still exists. Don’t let that disposable coffee cup become waste; instead, rinse it out and make a spooky spider. Paint the cup black using tempera paint and let dry. Then grab some black straws or pipe cleaners and bend to resemble spider legs. Place the coffee cup face down and stick the legs near the bottom. Faces may be drawn on, but everyone loves googly eyes, too. See more information on this craft here.

Egg Carton Treat Containers

Those cardboard egg cartons really are versatile – they can even be turned into cute Halloween treat containers! Create the perfect give-away for your children’s Halloween get-together without spending a fortune. Begin by cutting out the individual egg cups from the carton and setting them aside in pairs. Paint the sets orange, green, white or black depending on which creature you’d like to see – think Jack-o-Lantern, Frankenstein, ghost or bat. Once the cups are dry, draw cute faces on one cup from each set with a black marker. Fill the bottom cup with small treats, stickers or other fun toys. Pop the top on – the space between the cups make cute mouths – and then use a ribbon to attach the two cups. See the full tutorial for this craft here.

Paper Witch Hats

There are often lots of little witches and warlocks out and about during trick-or-treating time – let your kids create their own unique witch hats using paper plates and old birthday cone hats. Note: These are craftier and tend to work as wearables on smaller children only. Begin by gathering paper plates and leftover birthday cone hats, if you have them – otherwise, pick up a pack at the dollar store. Cut pie shapes in the center of the plate and fold up – then, attach the cone to the folds using glue or tape. Paint the entire hat black and allow your family to help decorate, using glitter, googly eyes, stamps, stickers or ribbon. Once everything is dry, pull the elastic from the cone down through the hole in the plate in order to wear.