thrift.jpg Autumn is upon us – time to switch from maxi dresses to leggings and boots. Bright whites and electric colors are cooled down to earth tones such as maroon, green and, of course, brown. While many people find themselves rushing out to the mall as soon as the first frost strikes, it’s actually far cheaper (and eco-friendlier) to thrift these items. Head to the local Goodwill, Salvation Army, Buffalo Exchange or Unique Thrift to pick up four sweaters for the price of one new one! Read our list of the best fall staples to thrift and then go out and get your come up!


Ever since the song “Sweater Weather” hit the airwaves, the long-sleeve snugglers have been hotter than hot. Quality brands such as J. Crew, Ann Taylor and Calvin Klein can be found at the thrift shop for pennies on the dollar. Stock up on versatile pieces such as cardigans and chunky sweaters that can be interchanged with other basics throughout the season. Make sure to check every garment for stains, holes or pilling – these pieces should be discarded.


Nothing classes up a fall outfit better than a pretty scarf. In addition to helping keep necks warm, scarves have found a permanent place in every woman’s wardrobe as a way to dress up a casual or comfortable outfit. As soon as August arrives, reused clothing stores fill to the brim with dozens of styles of scarves. Make sure to grab at least one or two that are made of climate-appropriate fabrics – think wool or similar synthetics. Thanks to rock-bottom prices, you’ll still be able to afford a few fun scarves that can add a pop of color to the darker colors of the season.


The temperatures often vary widely during the autumn months – one day may be 65 degrees Fahrenheit, while the next it’s a blustery 45. Having a variety of coats on hand will ensure you’re warm and styling during any weather. A classic pea coat is always nice to have, as it has the ability to be dressed up or down. Jean jackets are back in a big way this season – try upcycling a vintage one by adding small personalized touches. Remember to shop early for coats as they often fly off the racks. Many people opt to shop for jackets in the spring when they are on sale, saving them for the return of cold.


Boots are an essential fall staple and one pair is never enough. A decent pair of riding boots can easily go for $200 at a department store so this is definitely something you may want to consider thrifting. Many people avoid buying used footware due to the fact that they have already been broken-in by different feet, altering the shape. Boots generally don’t suffer this issue because they are usually worn with thicker socks. Look for one pair of black and one pair of brown, with taller boots being the most versatile. Feel free to add some cute booties, over-the-knee or rain boots, too!