If you’re interested in reducing waste and protecting the environment, it may be important to you to support companies that share this passion. Take a look at how these big-name brands are doing their part to reduce waste:


Patagonia, a high-end outdoor apparel company, is committed to making high quality clothing that holds up for years. But, the company also understands that their customers will be exposing this clothing to extreme environmental elements. That’s why Patagonia gives customers the option of sending in their clothing for repair instead of throwing it away and buying something new. Their repair center in Nevada repairs over 40,000 pieces of clothing a year, which greatly reduces the amount of waste produced by their customers.


Lush’s bath and body products are visually stunning, so it’s not surprising that they’re displayed in stores without any packaging. This makes it easier for customers to see what they’re buying—and it also reduces the amount of waste that the company produces. Items that can’t be displayed without packaging, such as creams and liquids, are placed in recyclable plastic pots. In fact, customers can even bring these pots back into the store if they don’t have the means to recycle them at home.

Clif Bars

In 2001, Clif Bars announced that their company was committed to producing zero waste. Since this announcement, the company has made a number of changes to help them reach their goal of producing zero waste. Little changes such as switching to recyclable paper and giving each employee a recycle bin made their corporate offices greener. The company also made the decision to remove shrink wrap from its boxes and switch to using solely 100% recycled paperboard. Clif has not yet reached its goal of being a zero waste company, but they are well on their way.


Dell has been dedicated to keeping electronics out of landfills for years. How do they do it? By educating consumers about the importance of properly disposing of electronics, and then making it easier for consumers to actually do it. Dell assists businesses with safely recycling electronics while also protecting any sensitive information that may still be on the computers. Dell offers people a variety of options when it comes to recycling their electronics. You have the option of mailing in electronics you no longer need so Dell can properly dispose of them. Or, if you have printer cartridges, find a Dell Reconnect site near you so you can bring them in for responsible disposal. On the Dell website, you can search for non-profits in your area that accept used electronic donations. Last but not least, you can even trade in your old electronics in exchange for a Dell gift card. Dell has made recycling electronics so easy—and rewarding—that there’s no longer an excuse to toss your computer in a landfill.

This is just a short list of companies that are doing their part to reduce waste and protect the environment. Hopefully, more companies will be inspired by these eco-friendly brands and begin to make an effort to reduce waste!