Which generation is the most eco-conscious? Are some generations more involved with recycling than others? SaveOnEnergy.com recently polled over 2,000 people to learn more about their views on the environment and green living. Take a look at what the researchers found:

Male Baby Boomers & Climate Change

The participants were asked if they thought climate change was a serious problem. At nearly 92%, Millennial women were the most likely to agree or strongly agree that climate change is a problem. However, male Baby Boomers were the least likely to agree with this statement. Only 64% of male Baby Boomers believe that climate change is a problem, and 23% disagree or strongly disagree that it is an issue.

Next, the participants were asked if they think that global warming is caused by humans. Similar to the previous question, Millennial women were the most likely to agree with this statement, while male Baby Boomers were the most likely to disagree.

How Each Generation Recycles

Researchers asked participants how often they recycle empty cans and bottles in their home. Based on the previous questions, you may think that the Millennial generation would be the most passionate about recycling, since they seem to show the most concern for the environment. But, that’s not the case. Millennial men were the least likely to “always or frequently” recycle their empty cans and bottles, while female Baby Boomers were the most likely to do so. This is a shocking reversal that shows although Baby Boomers may not be as worried about climate change, they’re willing to put in the work to protect the environment.

Millennials were also the least likely to recycle cardboard and paper, according to these results. Women in Generation X were the most likely to always or frequently recycle these items, but female Baby Boomers weren’t far behind.

Eco-Friendly Driving Habits

Participants were then told to answer questions regarding their driving habits. The first question asked participants if they currently drove an eco-friendly car. Thirty percent of female Baby Boomers said they always or frequently drive an eco-friendly car, while only 21% of female Millennials said the same. But, men in Generation X scored even lower than female Millennials, making them the least likely to drive an eco-friendly vehicle.

Even though Millennials aren’t driving eco-friendly cars, many of them are still making an effort to reduce carbon emissions by carpooling with friends or family. In fact, Millennials carpool to work far more often than other generations.

Green Living

Finally, participants were asked whether they think they make an effort to live a green lifestyle. Nearly three-fourths of female Baby Boomers agree or strongly agree that they actively practice ways to live a greener lifestyle, compared to only 57% of Millennial men.

Despite the many differences seen across the three generations, there is one thing that they all agreed on. Researchers asked participants whether they thought humans could make an effort to significantly reduce their impact on the environment. Although the exact percentages varied, people across all generations overwhelmingly agreed that it is possible for humans to take action to protect the environment.