Whenever possible it’s best to buy and use reusable items, but when faced with the inevitable plastic, here are 5 quick tips to recycle more plastic.

  1. You can recycle ALL plastic bottles. You don’t even need to think about it, if the container has a neck that is smaller than the body, it goes in the recycling bin.
  2. You can recycle plastic grocery bags, dry-cleaning bags, bread bags, produce bags, zipper bags, and plastic wrap from many products. Check with your local recycler to see if they can be dropped in your curbside recycling, otherwise there are thousands of grocery and retail stores that collect plastic bags for recycling. Just drop your clean and dry bags (or plastic wrap) in a local storefront recycling bin.
  3. Look beyond your kitchen to find more recycling. There are recyclable plastics in your bathroom like all those plastic bottles we mentioned in tip #1 – shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, body wash and mouthwash bottles to mention a few. In your laundry area you can recycle detergent bottles, cleaning product bottles and dryer sheet containers. Placing a small recycling bin near all the recyclables around the house, makes it easier for your family to remember to recycle them.
  4. Don’t just recycle at home when you’re out at the park, a sports stadium or at the beach, seek out public recycling bins. More public areas are making recycling bins conveniently located. If you can’t find one, bring your recycling home with you. This will not only increase the amount of materials being recycled but can help reduce litter.
  5. Look for products made with recycled plastics. This insures that there is a market for those materials and keeps it from going to waste. For example, kitchen tools and toothbrushes can be made out of yogurt cups. And companies like Patagonia make outerwear out of recycled plastic beverage bottles.

If you’d like to read more about how to Improve Recycling, visit Keep America Beautiful at https://www.kab.org/resources/improve-recycling.