On November 15th, the country will celebrate America Recycles Day by raising awareness about the benefits of recycling and making an effort to recycle more waste. What can you do to get involved? Here are some ideas:

Take the Pledge

Visit the America Recycles Day website to take the pledge to commit to the cause. By taking the pledge, you are promising to learn more about recyclable materials, reduce the amount of waste you produce, recycle as much as possible, and talk to others about recycling. Taking this pledge is an easy way to show your support for the initiative.

Attend An Event

There are thousands of events taking place across the country on November 15th to celebrate America Recycles Day, so visit the website to see if there are any planned near you. Some event coordinators are planning events where people can bring recycled materials to various drop off locations, while others are being a bit more creative. For example, the purpose of the Trashmagination event in McLean, Virginia is to teach guests how to use their imagination to think of new ways to reuse trash.

Learn About the Local Recycling Facilities

Have you ever wondered where to recycle your electronic devices? Do you know if your local recycling center accepts glass? What about different types of plastic? Get your questions answered on America Recycles Day. Contact the recycling center in your community to talk to them about what you should and should not be putting in your recycling bin. Once you know what cannot be processed at their facility, find out if there are any centers nearby that are capable of handling these materials. Getting the answers to these questions will allow you to recycle more throughout the year.

Teach Kids About Recycling

Parents who have not talked about recycling with their kids already should do so on America Recycles Day. Put small recycling bins in each of your kids’ rooms and explain which items should go in them. Every few days, peek into the recycling bin to see how they’re doing. It may take them a little while to remember which materials are recyclable and get into the habit of recycling, so don’t let this topic go once America Recycles Day is over.

Buy Reusable Items

Are you still using plastic grocery bags and water bottles? Now is the time to make the switch to reusable shopping bags and water bottles. Purchasing these items will allow you to greatly reduce the amount of waste that you produce throughout the year.

Visit Your Kids’ School

Ask your kids’ teachers if you can come in on November 15th to talk about the importance of recycling with the entire class. If the school does not recycle, try to also schedule time with the principal while you’re there to discuss how to change that.

Even though America Recycles Day is only 24 hours, it’s important to honor your commitment to recycling all year long. Set recycling goals for yourself and try to reach them by next year’s America Recycles Day!