We all know it’s better to avoid using plastic but for all that plastic that’s already here, recycling it is far better than letting it pollute our environment. Here’s 10 things made from recycled plastic. Make sure to support companies that are finding ways to keep plastics out of our environment.

  1. San Francisco shoe company Rothy’s makes adorable shoes out of recycled plastic water bottles. From Rothy’s, “We’re proud to say that we (finally) figured out how recycled plastic water bottles can be transformed into a comfortable knitted shoe that fits like a glove and is soft like a sock. So wear them, walk in them, knock them about. Then throw your Rothy’s in the wash (cold water, gentle cycle, gentle detergent), and let them air dry.” To date, Rothy’s has repurposed 9,956,613 water bottles and counting.

To find out more about Rothy’s products, visit https://rothys.com/.

  1. California toy company Green Toys makes fun toys out of recycled milk jugs. Not only are the Green Toys made from recycled plastic, the packaging is eco-friendly as well. All packaging for the products is made from 100 percent recyclable cardboard and printed with minimal color using soy inks. To date, Green Toys has repurposed 54,371,705 milk jugs and counting.

To find out more about Green Toys, visit http://www.greentoys.com/.

  1. Writing implement company Pilot makes a line of pen out of recycled water bottles. Pilot’s Bottle 2 Pen, according to Pilot, “is the world’s first pen made from recycled plastic bottles.” The gel roller pens are made from 89 percent post-consumer recycled bottles, and the ballpoint pens are made from 83 percent recycled bottles. All pens are refillable and the pen barrels are clear and resemble a water bottle.

To find out more about Pilot’s Bottle 2 Pen line, visit http://powertothepen.com/pens/b2p/.

  1. Founded in Carpinteria, California, Blue Planet Eyewear makes super cool sunglasses from “recycled plastics and reclaimed metals, as well as natural materials such as bamboo and wood.” They also believe in giving back. “Blue Planet Eyewear is changing lives every day by providing sight to someone in need with their buy-to-give Visualize Change program.” They believe their customer is “committed to making socially responsible purchases that feel good, look good and do good.”

To find out more about Blue Planet Eyewear and to read the sweet story about the founders, visit https://blueplaneteyewear.com/pages/company-history.

  1. Eco-conscious, home décor company Fab Habitat makes rugs from recycled plastic. The company’s “beautiful and affordable recycled plastic rugs are woven from premium quality recycled plastic straws.”

To find out more about Fab Habitat, visit https://fabhabitat.com/rugs/material/recycled-plastic.html.

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