We can all do better when it comes to reducing our waste. Little changes can really make a difference in our own homes. Here are 5 easy ways to avoid waste to get you started.

  • Buy less stuff. The easiest way to reduce waste is to have fewer things to waste. Thoughtful purchases, buying gently used and renting things you only need occasionally are all ways to reduce the things you buy.
  • Buy reusable products. When you need to make a purchase make sure you invest in things that are made well and can be used multiple times. For example, invest in some quality glass containers to store food. Glass is easy to clean and doesn’t hold on to food smells. Glass containers also last and last.
  • Recycle all waste possible. Recycling is the last resort – reduce, reuse THEN recycle. Basically, even if you recycle most things it just delays when that material will become trash. With that in mind, make sure you recycle everything possible. If it’s recyclable, make sure to get it to a recycling location.
  • Avoid packaged food. Purchase your food from local farmer’s markets, produce stands and bulk bins. The food is unpackaged and fresh. A win for your health and our planet. Additionally, you can make your own food. For example, making your own salad dressing, soup, salsa and anything else that is typically packaged in plastic, you are reducing a lot of plastic waste. Added bonus, making your own means you know exactly what’s in your food.
  • Buy e-books instead of paper books. You can also check out e-books from your local library with your Kindle, Nook or apps like Libby. If you love the way a book feels in your hands and can’t imagine reading it on an electronic devise, check out your local library or favorite used book store.

Need more information on the human cost of all our trash? Watch this powerful video which shows the real cost of our throw-away society (focused on electronic waste).