I just discovered a way to shop for kids’ shoes that is part genius, part environmentalism and all about the convenience. If you’ve ever gone shoe shopping with a toddler (or a cranky tween), you know the pitfalls of shoe shopping. There are the possible tantrums, having the shoes “fit” at the store then never get worn again and so on. If you’d like to try a better way, give EasyKicks a look. Here’s a breakdown on why you’ll love it and how the planet will thank you for using it.

  • Probably the best reason to take a look at EasyKicks (besides the environmental benefits listed below) is the convenience of it. No more getting everyone out the door and in the car to go shoe shopping.
  • Currently, EasyKicks has three different plans. Every 90 days, every 60 days and On-Demand. What that means is your kiddos will have new shoes as they grow out of their old ones. The prices are very reasonable ranging from $20 to $30 a month.
  • Now to the part the planet will love, this is a closed loop shoe club. Every box comes with a prepaid envelope, so you can also send back as many old pairs as you like for donation or recycling.

From the EasyKicks site: “So far, EasyKicks has donated 4,000+ pairs of gently used shoes to kids in need, has recycled 5,000+ pairs with Nike Grind (turning old materials into new apparel and even sports surfaces like turf fields, gym floors and playgrounds) and has managed to keep 10,000+ pairs of shoes out of landfills!”

If EasyKicks could add dress shoes to their product line, they would be perfect. For more information, visit https://app.easykicks.com/. And, to find out more information about Nike Grind, visit https://www.nikegrind.com/.