There’s nothing worse than disposable plates and utensils stuffed into your garbage bin at the end of a wonderful party except maybe plates of uneaten, wasted food. I’m here to save you from these end of the party mood busters with some tips on how to throw an eco-fabulous party.


Repurpose old cards into fun invitations or go completely waste-free and send out the news of your event with an online service. There are so many free online options for inviting people to your party like Evite and Punchbowl.

Setting the table

Use real utensils, napkins, plates and glassware – the fancy stuff. According to Mama Minimalist, if china is used 150 times, it “will pay off the carbon debt it created when made.” If using the fancy stuff isn’t an option, be sure their replacements are made with 100 percent recycled content and are compostable.


Use local blooms when they are in season. Or consider decorating with potted plants which you’ll be able to enjoy long after your guests go home. Balloons are never an eco-friendly option. Another fun idea is to use fresh produce as your table centerpiece. Putting a beautiful bowl of fruit in the middle of your table looks great and can also be eaten.

Clearly marked waste bins

An important goal of your eco-fabulous party is to create as little waste as possible. To that end, be sure to make it clear how guests should throw away their waste. Offer four clearly marked containers. Create cute signage and be sure to verbally communicate how to use them.

  • Container one: Compostable food scraps (fruit, vegetables and grains). These are items that can be put in your backyard compost bin.
  • Container two: Non-compostable food scraps (meat, fish and dairy). These are items that can’t be put in your backyard compost bin and will end up in your garbage or down the kitchen disposal.
  • Container three: Recyclable items (glass, aluminum, plastic, paper). These are items that will be put in your recycle bin.
  • Container four: Trash. These items are anything that can’t be recycled or composted. Hopefully at the end of your eco-fabulous party, this container will be almost empty.

Just remember, the most important part of a party is how you make your guests feel. They’ll forget a lot of the little details but will remember how they felt taken care of and welcome. Happy hosting!