Amanda lives in Youngstown, OH, and specializes in environmental and green writing and reporting for a variety of publications, with particular expertise in electronics recycling. Her current project,, reports on the global business of electronics recycling.

Nearly everything in our world can be recycled. It’s Amanda's goal to help raise awareness and increase recycling of everything, from electronics and appliances, to paper, construction debris and fabrics.

Amanda graduated from Youngstown State University, where she was a Leslie H. Cochran University Scholar, and she is an alumna of The Fund for American Studies’ Institute on Political Journalism. She has written stories for recycling magazines, business publications and local newspapers. One thing is certain, though: There isn’t nearly enough conversation today about recycling and how we can do more of it.

Find Amanda on Twitter, Skype, Instagram and Linkedin and all those other fun places – she is the only Amanda Smith-Teutsch she has found.

  • How to Recycle Light Bulbs

    November 26, 2013

    Though safety precautions need to be taken to ensure mercury is not released, there are many simple CFL recycling solutions.

    • How to Recycle Paper

      November 19, 2013

      Recycling paper provides important benefits, both to the economy and the environment.