Andy PerlmutterFormer entrepreneur Andy Perlmutter discovered Better World Books in his hometown of Alpharetta, GA, when he began researching the second evolution of his career. Perlmutter, now Better World’s CEO, found a company with similar ideals to his own — one he claims has “a tremendous opportunity to impact society and promote literacy around the world.” Better World Books aims to keep books useful by repurposing them however possible, including recycling them if necessary. By using forgotten books as a means to promote literacy around the world, Better World Books has spared global landfills of unnecessary book clutter and helped many discover the importance of reading. In fact, Better World Books donates a book to someone in need for every book sold, and raises a portion of every sale for literacy programs all over the world. Andy Perlmutter appeared on the Green is Good radio program on October 1, 2011.