Cheryl Hagedorn
Cheryl Hagedorn, Marketing Manager, Glad Products Company
Glad’s Marketing Manager Cheryl Hagedorn, who holds a 10-year history with parent company Clorox, is excited to announce her newest focus, Glad Green, and its very important mission: setting a vision and strategy for greening the trash business. Glad’s newest campaign, “Glad to Waste Less,” helps to teach consumers how easily small changes can really add up. It all begins with resource management. Typically, consumers equate a trash bag’s strength with its thickness. The thicker the bag, the more resources are needed to produce it. Yet, Glad has just introduced its newest bag, which is stronger and made with less plastic than ever before. In total, Glad expects to save 6.5 million pounds of plastics per year — the equivalent of 140 million trash bags. Cheryl Hagedorn appeared on the Green is Good radio program on November 12, 2011.