Sundari KraftSundari Kraft grew up in a normal suburban Denver household, but somewhere along the way she became interested in harvesting her own food and personal products in the city environment that she is used to. Kraft’s immersion into urban homesteading began by simply growing food and raising livestock, and expanded from there. Today, her lifestyle is a pillar of efficiency — she recycles bathwater, uses her goats’ milk as a base for soaps and grows most of her own food. Kraft defines “urban homesteading”: “It’s a collection of practices that has to do with living more sustainably and self-sufficiently, wherever you happen to be.” She stresses that anyone can practice certain ideals and concepts of urban homesteading in an urban setting, and can pick and choose what works best given the situation and location. Sundari Kraft appeared on the Green is Good radio program on October 1, 2011.