Every vehicle eventually reaches the end of its life. Here are some suggestions to properly dispose of the vehicle or its parts: Find a green disposal program: Various companies and programs have been established throughout the country that offer competitive compensation for your junked vehicle. These green disposal participants differ from the typical junkyard because they adhere to strict policies that ensure the safest and most earth-friendly ways to recycle the vehicle. Donate the vehicle: If your car is not at the end of its life (meaning it still runs) you can donate your car to a local agency that will repair the vehicle and in turn donate it to a family in need. This solves two major issues: You can easily get rid of your car and a family that can’t afford a vehicle receives one free of charge. You can also claim the estimated worth of your donated car on your taxes. Choose a green-minded junkyard: Junkyards no longer take end-of-life cars and let them sit and rot; they have taken advantage of the ability to reuse and recycle every part of a car. Contact your local junkyard and speak to them about their policies and philosophy of recycling. You will discover that many modern junkyards will strip the car of all its useful parts and sell them to local auto shops. After the car is stripped, all remaining materials are made ready to be recycled. Many junkyards will also compensate you for your end-of-life vehicle and provide a free towing service.