TreeHugger recently released an updated version of the TreeHugger iPhone app and several improvements have been made. This version of the TreeHugger iPhone apps includes some great new features, as well as two new partnerships. First, is a partnership with, which will provide users with information on where to recycle different materials in your area. The app also incorporates environmental news from around the Web using Dygest. TreeHugger’s partnership with is especially exciting. By clicking on the “Recycling” button on the app, you’ll be shown a list possible materials that can be recycled. Just select the material you are trying to recycle and the app will show you a map of all of the locations where that material can be dropped off. TreeHugger welcomes your feedback on the app and hopes you enjoy using it! If you don’t already have it on your iPhone, please download the TreeHugger iPhone app right now and leave a rating in the App Store after using it!