Good news, eco-conscious iPhone users: has created an app just for you! The free My Recycle List app (download here) allows you to find recycling locations near your home or office (in the U.S. and parts of Canada) using GPS or your ZIP code; search by material type, including multiple materials at once; organize and save your recycling lists for later use, just like grocery lists; and call recycling locations or add them to your contacts. It’s your go-to app for all your plastic, electronics, paper, glass, metal, household (e.g., toys, furniture and clothing), automotive, yard and hazardous material recycling needs. As always, I have tons of stuff sitting around my apartment that I’ve been meaning to get recycled, so I decided to give the app a spin to figure out what to do with several empty ink jet printer cartridges, a fluorescent light bulb that I’ve been scared to throw away, half a can of leftover wall paint and a ton of plastic shopping bags, which aren’t accepted by New York City’s municipal recycling program. I timed myself, and in just over two minutes, I learned that there were no less than five locations within a mile of my apartment that will take my ink cartridges, one that will take the light bulb, one that will take paint donations (though none that will recycle it) and five that will take my shopping bags. When you click on a location, you get the store/location’s phone number, hours of operation, a link to its website, potentially helpful notes about the location and a link that takes you to your phone’s Google maps. Super convenient! I also learned some interesting things about what I can’t conveniently recycle by playing around with the app. For instance, there is apparently nowhere within several miles of Brooklyn to recycle aerosol spray cans or photography chemicals, which is a shame. Guess I won’t be setting up a dark room any time soon. Overall, the My Recycle List app is convenient, easy to use and fun. And, since it’s absolutely free, you really can’t beat it.
(Editor’s note: My Recycle List has been rebranded as the mobile app following the publishing date.)