You better beware of the “bag monster” — he is coming to get you this Halloween! One environmental monster we can’t seem to get control of is the generation of plastic waste. According to the EPA, in 2008, the U.S. created approximately 13 million tons of plastic. With All Hollow’s Eve lurking around the corner, it’s an opportunity to reduce your use of plastic bags. One fun way you can help defeat the “bag monster” is to find a reusable trick-or-treat bag.
ChicoBags' trick-or-treat bag
In light of this ghoulishly green holiday, ChicoBag Brand presents a reusable trick-or-treat bag for 2010 made from durable woven polyester. Students nationwide participated in creating the sustainable pouch design, which was a contest co-sponsored by Green Halloween. This year, Gracie Gralike stood out from the pack, and her design inspired two different pouch options. One features a spooky moon with flying bats, and the other has a pumpkin patch scene. Along with these pouches, there is also a Halloween ChicoBag available with a cemetery scene that includes pumpkins, ghosts and bats. Don’t worry, there is plenty of room for candy stuffing — precisely 25 pounds of capacity — so you can trick-or-treat until you drop. Plus, you can feel good about this affordable purchase, because 10% of the sales for each bag will go to Treeswing. This organization focuses on children and increasing their exposure to physical activity and healthy habits. In addition to supplying consumers with an essential tick-or-treat accessory, ChicoBag also carries reusable bags created from recycled materials and even hemp. There are functional designs perfect for the grocery store, gym, pool, work and school, so you can look chic and green everywhere you go. Although the legislation for the statewide ban on plastic bags in California didn’t pass this year, you can still make a stand wherever you reside and show others how easy it is to stop feeding the “bag monster.”