The Candy Bandit’s animal wrist cuffs are just as irresistible as Naturally Craft’s felt and fleece penguin, otter and raccoon hats. Recycled Sari wraps are the main attraction in these colorfully woven sari ribbon scarves and mittens. Reclaimed truck and bike tire inner tube bags, purses and belts by English Retreads are as slick as they are durable. Bingo chip-adorned bobby pins by Tefi have just the right dose of retro charm and eco-prowess. Smarmy Clothes sells upcycled patchwork arm warmers and XMittens’ line of fingerless gloves, scarves and jackets are crafted with recycled fleece. Vintage vinyl wallets by Whodini dazzle with modern-day sensibility. Unique iPhone/BlackBerry cases made out of repurposed vintage ties put manufactured plastic versions to shame. Ties That Matter is a zero-waste company that uses donated recycled neckties to create handbags, tote bags, diaper bags and reusable grocery bags. The company then donates a portion of its profits to organizations that aid the homeless. Sustainable bamboo and tea wood sunglasses by Waiting For The Sun look effortlessly cool. Green Thing’s SAVED recycling project breathes new life into old T-shirts by hand-stitching the word “saved” onto them. Icebreaker’s wool garments come with their own “baa-code” so you can track down the flock of sheep that they came from. One-of-a-kind belts by God’swear are made from upcycled men’s suits, though it’s likely that the ladies will love ‘em more. Milk Apparel makes renewable and biodegradable fashion using recycled milk protein. Racy leather jackets by Platinum Dirt are made with the reclaimed interiors of old Cadillacs, Lincolns and other assorted scrapped cars. Recycled fish leather is featured in this collection of pocketbooks by Sang A. Temple Bags are made from repurposed WWII-era camp packs. Each bag in Mauro Bianucci’s zero-waste pocketbook collection is made from a single rectangular piece of fabric. Engage Green’s recycled PETE plastic umbrella has a biodegradable wooden handle that breaks down just three to four weeks after being covered in soil. Coffee Couture Bags turns recycled burlap coffee sacks into wearable art. Recycled leather scraps and factory leftovers from the production of other bags are used to make Sway pocketbooks. Ecological soft tweed winter boots by Po-Zu are made with 100% unbleached/undyed wool and renewable cork. Poketo has added upcycled leather totes, backpacks and purses to its line of recycled suit jacket totes and street banner carryalls. This sweater repair kit features fanciful embellishments that can extend the life of your old woolies!


Floaty, ethereal necklaces made by Paola Volpi somehow elevate upcycled car oil filters, washers and cables into things of impossible beauty. Industrial cardboard tubes are glammed up as durable bracelets and earrings layered with recycled vintage images by Butternutsquash. Hifi Jewelry incorporates 100% recycled vinyl record shards into its collection of rockin’ necklaces. Golden Claw jewelry by Lux Coronette is made from recycled bullet casings. Iris van Daalen makes bracelets, headpieces and epaulets with recycled barbershop hair. Jump on the mustache trend with these hirsute necklaces made out of recycled leather and decommissioned skateboard decks. Bullseye Beads crowns each of its handmade glass bead necklace pendants with a real acorn cap. Anna Johansson’s “Anna Built” earrings are crafted from recycled metal packaging and tins. Eco-friendly jewelry made of recycled magazine and envelope paper, clay and thread by Hippie Kingdom. Wear Your Music offers music fans a piece of rock-and-roll history with its superstar-donated recycled guitar string jewelry. Designer Tonya O’Hara transforms plastic bottles into jewelry that mimics microscopic organisms and cells. United by Blue removes 1 pound of ocean waste for each sustainable fashion piece and accessory it sells, plus the tags are printed on recycled elephant dung paper.