Triscuits - A Greener Snack
Think you can’t snack green? The fine folks at Triscuit are out to prove you wrong! They think creating some greenery of your own can be a fun, year-round activity. Triscuit’s Home Farming Movement promotes small-scale, sustainable farming right where we live. Take a few minutes to visit the Home Farming website and see all the great tips this ultra-popular snack offers on planting, growing, harvesting, sharing and enjoying — in that order. Here you can also read up on the home farming movement and see all the great benefits of creating our own healthy food right in your back yard. The most interesting feature of this website (in my opinion at least) is the ability to check in on real-life home farmers around the country. Whether it’s a new bed of seeds being planted in Santa Fe, NM, or someone’s successful harvest of fruit and vegetables in Halifax, NS, the Triscuit website offers an online community to develop your green thumb. In fact, there is even an online forum for the those revolutionary green farmers to connect and share. But, this is all just the tip of the iceberg lettuce. For those cooped up in a tight city dwelling, there is an urban farming network just for you! And, if you’re still on the fence, another link guides the more inquisitive minds to a place where expert advice is offered by such home farming gurus as Paul James, an expert on growing greens naturally and at home. For those of you who just need more eco-friendly focus, this Triscuit website is one that will surely perk your interest and help our planet at the same time. That’s a mighty green snack cracker, if you ask me.