“Change your tool. Change your habit. Change your world.”
That is a founding premise, a motto that drives the BinBisa Supply Co. In fact, trying to change the world is the whole reason the company began in 2011. Our goal is simple. We aim to replace one basic tool, the trashcan, with a new tool that matches our modern capabilities for recycling. We hope to change the direction of things to come by making recycling an attractive and convenient option in all living spaces. My name is Laura Rodriguez, and I am the founder of the BinBisa Supply Company. I am a teacher and artist from California. In 2011, I realized humanity was working with an outdated tool, so I set out to make a difference. I set out to redesign the wastebasket.


BinBisa Decorative Recyclers are a patented system in which I have paired the use of a decorative outer receptacle with twin liners in order to create a dual-function recycling/waste bin that will fit into any room of the house. It is my hope that by making the option to recycle easy in any living space (not just the kitchen, yard or back porch), we can address the two main reasons that products and their packaging are often sent to landfill even when they are recyclable. When people don’t recycle, the two main reasons are lack of recycling knowledge and lack of convenient recycling receptacles. BinBisa Decorative Recyclers address both issues. BinBisa recyclers are designed to fit anywhere you would place a wastebasket. Consumers now have the technology to recycle plastic, clean paper and cardboard, metals and glass containers, so we need a better tool — a tool that does not assume all finished products are trash. BinBisa Recyclers make it possible to recycle every time, easily and attractively. The inner liners of every BinBisa are made of 100% recycled polypropylene plastic (plastic #5). I chose easily recyclable smooth, white, easy-to-clean polypropylene for the outer receptacle. As the company grows, we will drop the 100% recycled content liners into outer receptacles that address many more décor options. Water hyacinth wicker baskets, various metal finishes, bamboo and ceramic are all in the works for seasons to come. In its most recent report, the EPA stated that meeting a 75% recycling rate in the U.S. by 2020 would make an impressive difference. In fact, if we were able to raise our recycling rate to 75% in the U.S., it would save the energy equivalent of taking 50 million cars off the road. A 75% recycling rate would reduce carbon emissions by 276 million metric tons.
Laura Rodriguez BinBisa
Laura Rodriguez, BinBisa founder/creator
Plus, recycling creates jobs. The EPA reports that for every  job in collecting recyclables, 26 jobs are created in processing, transporting, manufacturing, etc. Reaching a 75% recycling rate would create 1.5 million new jobs! It is not impossible. San Francisco already boasts an impressive 75% recycling rate. By addressing the primary reasons people do not recycle, we can increase our recycling rates. We can change the direction of things! If you would like to buy, or learn more about the BinBisa Supply Company, go to BinBisa.com or visit us on Facebook. Laura Rodriguez is a California-based school teacher and the creator of BinBisa.