Kitras-recycled-glass-ornaments.jpg The holiday season is in full swing, but finding great gifts for your family and friends can be difficult. There are endless options on what to buy your loved ones, but a beautiful and personal decoration could be one present that will always be appreciated. Stephen Kitras’ recycled glass tree globes are made from 100% recycled glass and can be hung safely from any area, both inside and outside your house. The globes are 6 inches in diameter, with an interior glass trunk branching from two ends to support the rich multitude of colors that represent the leaves and other scenery. Kitras and his wife, Elke, founded Kitras Art Glass in 1994, and by 2001, the company expanded to more than 40 employees. The original vision that Kitras and his wife had for their products continues motivate him today: creating beautiful glass objects that are affordable and lift people’s spirits. Each tree globe has its own colors and style as well as theme. One theme of the recycled glass tree globes collection is “relationships,” which includes globes that represent family, motherhood, friendship and sisters. Another theme is “wishes,” which includes peace, love, remembrance and joy. Other available themes are “inspirations” and “renewal.” The color combinations between these globes are endless — red and purple, blue and yellow, and other globes that even have five or six colors encompassing the trees. In order to make them, Kitras receives a shipment of broken glass from suppliers who make windows in Seattle. After this, he melts the glass into a furnace for about 12 hours before he shapes them into an original recycled piece of art. Although the globes are not necessarily intended to be hung as a Christmas tree ornament, they can be hung anywhere using their hangtag or another kind of fastener. Priced at $45, Kitras’ recycled glass tree globes are an affordable, lasting gift that friends and family are bound to enjoy.