Williams-Sonoma-compost-pail.pngFor those times in the kitchen when we decide to display our culinary precision or heat up the stove to make something delicious, there are many opportunities to incorporate environmentally friendly actions. While it may sometimes seem difficult to combine efficiency and sustainability when in the kitchen, a simple product — the kitchen compost pail — makes this goal much easier on the everyday chef. With the brushed stainless-steel compost pail, Williams-Sonoma offers a convenient solution for disposing the kitchen scraps that would probably otherwise end up in the garbage. For those skeptical of briefly housing smelly scraps in the food-prep area, this countertop canister features an in-lid charcoal filter that minimizes odors. Plus, this durable container includes a sturdy handle for easy transport when it is time to transfer the scraps to the backyard compost bin. Though Williams-Sonoma’s pail is only offered in a single size, it holds a surprising collection of food matter, helping the cook reduce the amount of waste generated when whipping up the next culinary masterpiece. Simply adding the practice of tossing food scraps into the pail to your daily routine helps keep food waste out of landfills and water treatment facilities. For those of unfamiliar with common items that are can be added to the compost, start piling up your coffee ground and filters, eggshells, fruit peels and pulp, shredded paper, tea bags and loose leaves, old bread and vegetable scraps. As a simple rule of thumb, when in doubt, keep it out. It is better to trash those items that do not belong than contaminate the whole bunch. While Williams-Sonoma’s particular compost pail retails for $39.95, there are other more inexpensive items similar to this one available from multiple retailers. This pail may or may not fit your lifestyle, but we hope you take another step toward a greener lifestyle next time you put on your apron.