makeup.jpg For those of us who wear makeup, it seems as though our collection of half-used eye shadow palates and bottles of nail polish is never-ending. While most people have their designated go-to products, studies show most women try a new makeup product every month. It’s easy to try on that vampy red lipstick at the store only to chicken out when it comes to actually wearing it. Before you know it, your makeup collection is scattered around and out of control. It may feel difficult to let go of certain expensive products, but the truth is that hoarding old makeup could be dangerous.

How often should I clean out my makeup bag?

It is vital to remember that some makeup can expire or lose its luster after time. Some products, especially mascaras and liquid foundations, can carry bacteria once expired. This website is a great resource to know how long most makeup products last for. Ideally, it is a good idea to go through your makeup collection every few months or so to pull out any products that may be expired or that you no longer use. If you have guilt about throwing away these products – especially if they were high-end – there are ways to repurpose and reuse your old makeup and makeup containers. Check out some our great ideas, and put those beauty basics back to work.

Repurpose an old compact into a solid perfume container

This fun and easy project will not only let you hang on to that nifty compact but also let you create your own personalized fragrance to go with it. Clean out a pressed powder compact, fill it with beeswax and essential oils, and voila! – you have your own easy-to-carry perfume. This website has complete instructions and awesome tips and tricks on DIY beauty, including other project ideas for old compacts.

Turn EOS lip balms into travel-friendly storage pods

Everyone loves EOS lip balm, and the cute containers have pops of color that are simply gorgeous. So why toss out those handy plastics pods when you can turn them into a storage solution for earrings or Advil? These adorable containers are perfect for travel or at home and will certainly impress those who see them in action. For those who want a little guidance on emptying out their lip balms, check out this step-by-step guide.

Create pretend makeup for kids

Most children of all ages are curious about makeup, especially since they generally are not allowed to wear it or touch it. What a drag! Children love pretending, especially emulating grown-up behavior, and creating faux makeup out of used containers and brushes is a cheap and easy to way to let them explore. Wash out some old makeup containers with soap and water and then fill the empty spaces with nail polish. Let the containers dry in a safe spot that is well ventilated for a few days. As this DIY project involves products that are not safe for young kids, complete it yourself in secret and let the end result be a big surprise!

Make glitter paint

Speaking of fun projects for the whole family, using that old eye shadow and blush to make glitter paint is a blast. Pry leftover makeup out of their containers and create a fine powder. Add each color to a half-full bottle of white glue, and then stir with a skewer – ensuring the mix is well blended. In mere minutes you will have sparkly paint that can be applied directly from the glue bottle or put on a large palate. This blog has full instructions, including how to use the paint to make fun animal print cards.

Use the last few drops of expensive perfume to make scented body lotion

It’s always difficult to let go of a good bottle of perfume, especially when it’s basically worth more than gold. Instead of hoarding nearly empty glass bottles, you can add the last couple of drops to an unscented lotion to make a fragrant blend sure to keep your skin happy and extend the length of your signature scent just a tad longer. Then use the pretty bottles that are leftover to create a cute perfume display with an old cake stand.

Create a matching game for young children

If you have lots of nearly empty makeup containers or small shampoo containers collecting dust, turn them into a cap and bottle matching game. Clean everything thoroughly and then separate the lids from the containers. Children between the ages of three and five will be able to work on their fine motor skills and self-correcting. Remember that the lids are small, so always supervise this game and its contents properly.

Receive retail karma

This may come as a surprise but many popular beauty brands – including MAC and Bare Minerals – will reward customers will freebies in exchange for their products’ used containers. As consumers make a more conscious effort to buy sustainable products, these programs are a win-win. Makeup addicts take advantage of these promotions as it allows them to continue their obsessions guilt-free. Check out this site for more information on different companies that offer these recycling programs and how to get involved.