Jesse Stallone has spent the majority of his career working in the environmental field dealing with operational activities and driving strategic change initiatives. He is the former VP of Business Development and Sustainability for Electronic Recyclers International® (ERI) and President of Online Innovation for ERI’s subsidiary organizations,, and

Most recently, Jesse was director of sustainability and strategic planning at Allied Waste industries, responsible for sustainability and innovation business development initiatives. Prior to this, he served as a Six Sigma Black Belt working on continuous improvement programs dealing with waste reduction for large U.S.-based retailers.

  • Recovery Act Adds 6,500 Greener Vehicles to USPS Fleet

    July 14, 2009

    The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) will help the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) swap 6,500 old vehicles with a mix of hybrids, flex-fuel and four-cylinder replacements with the help of stimulus funds.

    • Plastics Packagers Step Up Recycling Efforts

      July 13, 2009

      The packaging industry is increasing its efforts to deliver sustainable plastic bottles and packaging to food and drink manufacturers and retailers, and in some cases, offering recycling services to turn plastic waste into sustainable materials.

      • A Floating Green Roof: Cruise Ship Goes “Green”?

        July 12, 2009

        Cruise ships and shipping are a massive source of pollution. Moves are underway to explore biofuels for cruise ships, and to utilize cruise ship traffic as a force for conservation- you can even take a look at Kristin’s list of 7 ocean friendly cruises.

        • EcoLogo to Develop Environmental Standard for Toys

          July 10, 2009

          The EcoLogo Program has started developing a standard that will allow toys to receive EcoLogo certification for meeting certain environmental criteria.

          • Going Green on the Plains: AU Recycling

            July 10, 2009

            What’s that buzzing sound? No it’s not an old cell phone.

            It’s the sound of new ideas being generated by the people at AU Recycling as they expand their electronic waste recycling program.

            • With Cheap Diesel Fuel and Cleaner Emissions, Will Americans Give Up Gas?

              July 8, 2009

              The Daily Green by Jim MotavalliThe car I’m driving this week is fast, quiet, environmentally friendly, very well-made and gets excellent fuel economy. It’s a Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen TDI, and it’s a diesel. Uh oh. Until recently, diesels were a very hard sell in the U.S. because they were dirty and polluting. The fuel was […]

              • IP Says Paper is Greener than Computers

                July 7, 2009

                International Paper has added a new brochure to its Down to Earth environmental series, “Pixels vs. Paper: Are pixels greener than paper?” which takes the stance that paper is friendlier to the environment than electronic devices.

                • Nokia, Samsung Lead Latest Greenpeace Green Electronics Survey

                  July 7, 2009

                  GreenBiz Greenpeace International today released the 12th edition of its quarterly Guide to Greener Electronics scorecard, ranking the 17 manufacturers on their achievement of environmental goals. Nokia once again remained in the top position, with a score of 7.45 points out of a possible 10, while Samsung held on to second place with its score […]