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What is the program?

The e-cycleNYC program, a partnership between the City of New York and Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), is intended to provide New York City apartment dwellers with free, convenient electronics recycling service in their residential buildings. This innovative in-building service represents the most comprehensive electronics recycling program offered by any municipality in the country. Apartment buildings 10 units and larger are eligible for service using a variety of options, including storage bins, room clean-outs and building e-waste events. This program is an essential component to New York's electronics recycling goals. More than half of New York City residents live in apartment buildings that this program aims to serve, and the ability to collect their e-waste in-building is crucial in raising recycling rates and putting a stop to landfilling electronics in New York, which becomes illegal in 2015.

How do I sign up?

What happens to the electronics collected?

How can I recycle non-electronic items?