Wendy Gabriel is a freelance eco-writer now based in Fresno, California. Gabriel and her work have been featured in numerous publications and websites including the Chicago Sun-Times, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Fox Business News and Mashable.com. For nearly six years, she was a weekly contributor on a popular radio talk show in the Upper Midwest with a segment titled "Simple Tips for Green Living." Gabriel is an avid recycler, rainwater harvester, composter, thrifter and was instrumental in coordinating the planning and creation of a large mural made with recycled materials at a local elementary school in Fargo, North Dakota. Gabriel was the driving force behind starting a school garden program implemented at several Fargo schools.

The founder of MyGreenSide.org and tweeting under @MyGreenSide, Gabriel has gone from the freezer (Fargo) to the furnace (Fresno) and could not be happier exploring California with the loves of her life, her husband and two daughters.

  • Adidas and Parley: Reducing Waste and Making News

    February 9, 2017

    Adidas, the sportswear giant, has been working on a collaboration with Parley for the Oceans, an environmental group with emphasis on ocean issues, for over a year.

    • The 2016 State of Curbside Recycling

      February 2, 2017

      As promised earlier this year, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and The Recycling Partnership joined forces to evaluate the state of curbside recycling in the U.S.

      • Food Waste? There’s an App for That

        January 26, 2017

        In 2013 the United Nations studied the consequences of global food waste and found that approximately 1.3 billion tons of food, which is over a third of the food that is produced for us to eat, is wasted every year.

        • The North Face Continues to Clothes the Loop

          January 19, 2017

          Fast forward to 2016, the program has collection bins in all of its retail locations in the U.S., Canada and Germany as The North Face continues to Clothes the Loop.

          • Can Keurig Ever Really be a Sustainable Company?

            January 12, 2017

            Last year Keurig sold more than nine billion K-Cups, its plastic single-serve coffee pods.

            • Get to know the Recycling Partnership

              January 5, 2017

              As more people realize actions that help the environment can also help with those ever-rising monthly energy bills, “going green” is increasingly embraced as business as usual. But according to an article here at Recycle Nation, “While there are several advantages to adopting habits such as recycling, it can be challenging for entire communities to […]

              • Sustainable Ways to Winterize Your World

                December 29, 2016

                Now that it’s autumn, even though in my neck of the woods today was 80 degrees and tomorrow promises to be the same, it’s time to look at a few sustainable ways to winterize your world.

                • 5 Ways to Go Green at Work

                  December 22, 2016

                  You do everything possible to make your home more sustainable but what about your office?

                  • The Healthy Schools Campaign is Helping Kids Thrive

                    December 15, 2016

                    We all do our best to make sure that within the busyness of our lives we are providing a healthy environment for our children while instilling in them the habits that will keep them and our planet healthier in the future.

                    • Demystify Food Labels

                      December 8, 2016

                      Current food labeling rules leave a lot of room for vague claims and misinformation. I’ve put together some practical ways you can demystify food labels the next time you are grocery shopping.